Jieh - Sunday July 8th 2007 : Jieh Parishioners assembled early morning to protest against the unpopular decision by Bishop Elias Nassar to replace the St Charbel monks who have been serving the local Church for over 60 years with a new parish priest. The Our Lady of the Star Church in Jieh was completly shut down with all doors blocked by the parishioners. The Bishop and father Joseph Azzi staged a show of force to intimidate the parishioners with Army troops and Internal Security forces deployed in relatively large number for such event. Father Jospeh Azzi attempted to negotiate his way into the Church with the blatant support of handful of locals but to no avail. The parishioners were all united against the Bishop's decision and the only words they wanted to hear is the reverasl of the Bishop's decision. No comprimise. Before leaving , Father Joseph Azzi had some parting shots for the parishioners: " I am appointed by a Bishop decree , therefore all your religious documents are in my custody and there is no reversal unless a new decree is issued." Later in the day we learned that he consulted with the Bishop and they are not backing off. Meanwhile the Church doors will remain closed and all masses are being celebrated in St Charbel monastery until the reversal of the appointment and the monks return.      
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