Jieh - Thursday July 26th 2007 : Bishop Elias Nassar put on hold his decree to appoint a parish priest in Jieh to replace the St Charbel's Monastery Monks who have been serving the parish for over 60 years. St Charbel's Monastery Fr Superior Selim Nammour is to resume service at Our Lady of The Star Church immediatly.

The Bishop decision came in the aftermath of fierce opposition by Jieh parishioners who protested against the decree by organizing Sit-Ins and shutting down the OLOS Church for over 24 days.

Jieh is grateful to HE Bishop Nassar who listened to the voice of his parishioners and maintained the traditional links between the monks and the parish in this town. Also we are grateful to Fr Superior Selim Nammour whose efforts and assistance were crucial in securing this decision from the HE Bishop Nassar. And finally special thanks to all Jieh parishioners in Lebanon and overseas especially in Australia who stood together behind the St Charbel Monastery monks and remained steadfast in their opposition to the decree.


رعية الجية بشيوخها وشبابها, بنسائها وأطفالها وشبيبتها يشكرون صاحب السيادة الطران الياس نصار على لفتته الرائعة.

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