Jieh Under Siege

After more than six days of isolation , Jieh was transformed into a ghost town. Three overpasses on the Beirut Sidon highway in Jieh were destroyed. The Saadiyat overpass , the Sahl overpasss and the main Jieh highway entrance overpass were all destroyed. Supplies and goods are scarce, fuel still available but in very short quantities and Fuel oil supplies are depleted, roads are empty and electric power when available Jieh gets around three hours a day. Jieh power plant fuel reserves were hit and has been burning out of control for over six days now. An environmental disaster in the beach area where huge amount of power plant fuel oil reserves spilled into the sea and a layer more than 20 cm of oil is visible in the sea water. Only around 160 people are still living in Jieh. No major fighting in or around Jieh only the occasional horrondous sound of missiles and bombs falling on the Dahyeh in Beirut or in the South.What used to be a short 30 minutes drive to Beirut is now a 2 to 3 hours adventure through rough mountains and valleys.

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