Way of the Cross and Passion Week Hymns in Arabic (Darb Al Saleeb in MP3)  
Act of Contrition    
Opening Prayer
  1. First Station
  2. Second Station
  3. Third Station
  4. Fourth Station
  5. Fifth Station
  6. Sixth Station
  7. Seventh Station
  1. Eighth Station
  2. Nineth Station
  3. Tenth Station
  4. Eleventh Station
  5. Twelfth Station
  6. Thirteenth Station
  7. Fourteenth Station
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      Our Lady Of The Star Maronite Catholic Church - Jieh Holy Week Schedule:
      Holy Thursday    05-04-2007     5:00 pm    Thursday of the Mysteries     Washing of the Feet
      Holy Friday         06-04-2007   10:30 am    Good Friday Signing of the Chalice
      Holy Saturday     07-04-2007    11:30 am    Saturday of the Light Prayers
      Easter Sunday    08-04-2007    12:00 am    Midnight Ressurrection Mass
      Easter Sunday    08-04-2007    10:30 am    Ressurrection Mass

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