AJYC Australia Day gathering 2007

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AJYC Australia Day gathering 2007

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Dear Friends

Our next gathering will be a picnic this Friday the 26th of Jan 2007. Pending fine weather and no bushfires, our destination will be Palm Beach Sydney, http://www.palmbeachsydney.net/ . There will be numerous sporting activities (volleyball, soccer, touch football, Tug-o-war etc). There will also be a number of additions to the AJYC armory, in the form of 2 tents, 2 esky's with wheels and 2 mats. There is a park as well as access to a beach, so please bring your swimmers if you're keen. There are numerous cafes and restaurants within minutes walk from the beach. The AJYC will be providing drinks at no cost.

We hope to meet in front of the AJCC house in Belfield at 8.30 am sharp for a 9 am departure (so as to guarantee ample seating at the park). If there is uncertainty about weather conditions on Friday morning and you wish to confirm if the trip is still on, please contact Walid Boustani on 0416 184 492 or Fadi Azzi on 0410 341 241 .

Looking forward to another great day with friends old and new, make sure we see you there.

Our database continues to grow; however we need your continued support. Would you kindly forward this email to all who you may think would be interested in attending this event. Furthermore, if you have received this email from a friend and wish to be added to our email list, please reply to ajyc@hotmail.com Also please feel free to visit our website at http://www.ajyc.tk for pictures of past events and a discussion forum.


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Post by Charbel »

The Aussie Day Photos are up.

I left you a comment on the discussion board

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose another free website host.

That host you currently have Sux big time.

I get swamped with a million pops ups.

Get a Geocities account. They are very good.
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Dear Charbel,
I am currently organising a new section and storage space to hold the new AJYC site. It will most likely be on this website, but stay put and it will be up and running soon.

Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.
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If you are looking for a free WEb hosting solution with NO ADDS AT ALL:

Visit http://www.freewebs.com/

it will give you a site such as http://www.freewebs.com/ajyc

But the Site Prince had going, didnt have any adds...so that was good..
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