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Abou Jamra salutes Dr Nassif Azzi

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 12:06 am
by Abou Jamra
Dr Nassif Azzi

A Cultural, Political, Socio-economic, and literary Personality

I do not know why we write introductions, and yet we do.

Sometimes we write a spiritualist letter, and other times pricking forceps. Are they not the by-product of fear of the impact as the writer submits his maneuver to the people? It carries a kind of fear of situations of standing in front of the reader face to face.

What shall I write about Dr. Nassif Azzi? How will I face him if I fail to write all that he really deserves? However, I’ll make an attempt of approaching the reality of this literary, cultural, political, socio-economical personality, or at least the personality who deals with complete honesty and transparently with all matters in the forefront of which, humanitarian issues.

The life that lived and experienced this young doctor is a story to be read and narrated, and his life that the people of Jieh knows and protects by heart is never less beautiful and enjoyable than the story.

I do not know how novelists write their novels; this is a shy attempt to write a very small and realistic tale about my town’s son, Dr. Nassif Azzi, the source of goodwill and humor that attract you to him into the noblest of friendships. He is a brilliant thinker and a first rate conversationalist. Incredibly articulate, rational in thought and elegant in expression. Very impressionable, charismatic and truthful. Although at times moody and reacting to everything (he has no barriers) he is indeed a rare species. He can hog center stage and reduce everyone around him to an audience level. It is confidence in the purest situations what one feels when sits with him or reads him or hears him in a TV interview.

Dr. Nassif is no longer the child he used to be, the child who used to walk along the roads and streets of Jieh, and used to love but adore its shores. Today, he struggles with time to satisfy his goals for his intellectual, moral and other projects that crowd his head and his time to an extent that it is nearly suffocated by them. Since his very early age he practices the profession of intellect mixed in his blood until he became a university professor. He issued many books, including the "Travel of Return". He struggled against fatigue and exhausting work for national culture to achieve a dream that always enticed him: The State of Lebanon, a state of justice and equality among all its citizens.

Will Nassif rest before fulfilling his dream? None believes he will… Even Dr. Nassif himself.

If we want to talk more about the wide and diverse world of this young doctor, we encounter confusion that generates from the so rich and diverse heritage which he is characterized by. In addition to being a professor of Arabic philosophy, he is a thinker, writer, and author of many projects, researcher of many issues particularly cultural and literary heritage and amongst all. He is the stubborn activist a revolutionary. If we seek to get deeper, we find out about Dr. Nassif’s deep presence in the cultural and political life of Lebanon… Extraordinary in his moral and intellectual creativity… Sincere in his revolutionary practices… He got engaged in the national affairs when he was a student at the Lebanese University in the framework of what was then called the "Awareness Movement" in 1976.

Today, he raises some concerns and worries in his writings. Those are political, intellectual and humanitarian… He is the seeker of the freedom, independence and the national identity of his country… He is the eager carrier of ambitions to belong to the modern age… A World, in which the old renovates along with its contradictions, incarnates in imperialist capitalism, and the new consolidates in the difficulties of secularism. Just like he was authentic to the ambitions of his generation and its yearnings, aspirations and dreams in the mid-seventies, so he is to the new generation that is struggling today for a better future

Dr. Nassif Azzi, son of the bleeding wound of the mountain (as he likes to be called Being from the Chouf), belongs to a Lebanon that is open to the World, a Lebanon, the secular state that meets the aspirations of all the Lebanese without distinction amongst its citizens.

Literary criticism for Dr. Nassif is nothing but a moment of enlightenment, a moment in the politics of protest, rejection and incitement… One can clearly and without difficulty observe this fact through the titles in his articles… In an attempt to reduce the pain of digging for evidence, we refer to some of the titles of his articles published in newspapers, on the internet and broadcast on radio…

Dr. Nassif Azzi left with an extremely positive impression upon the people of his hometown me especially. He affected and got affected by them to a large extent. How many times did the older generation hear mothers their telling sons: "Why don’t you be like the son of Hanna Nassif, God bless him".

Thank you Sir.

George “Abou Jamra” Azzi

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 12:07 am
by Abou Jamra
د.ناصيف القزي
شخصية أدبية ثقافية سياسية
اجتماعية اقتصادية موضوعية

لا أدري لماذا نكتب المقدمات ،ومع ذلك نحن نكتبها .

نكتبها حيناً رسالة نجوى ، وحيناً آخر وخزة مبضع ،ولتكن ما كانت ، فهي وليدة رهبة الكاتب حيال أثره عندما يقدمه للناس ،فهو يحمل نوع من الخشية إذا واجه القارئ وجهاً لوجه دفعة واحدة .
فماذا أكتب عن الدكتور ناصيف قزي ؟ وبأي وجه سأواجهه إذا لم أفه حقه ؟ ولكن لا بأس من محاولة مقاربة واقع هذه الشخصية الادبية الثقافية السياسية الاجتماعية الاقتصادية ،أو لأقل الشخصية الموضوعية التي تتعاطى مع كافة الامور والقضايا بصدق وشفافية وفي طليعتها الامور الانسانية .

فالحياة التي عاشها ويعيشها هذا الدكتور الشاب هي قصة جديرة أن تقرأ وأن تحكى ، وحياته التي يعرفها ويحفظها اهالي الجية عن ظهر قلب لا تقل عن قصته جمالاً وامتاعاً .
أنا لا اعرف كيف يكتب الروائيون رواياتهم ، فهذه محاولة لكتابة رواية صغيرة جداً وواقعية جداً عن ابن بلدتي الدكتور ناصيف قزي ، الذي تراه يشع طيبة وطرافة في آن ، فيسري فيدمك شيئ يشدك اليه ، شيئ هو الصداقة في انبل صفاتها .. وهو الثقة في أصفى حالاتها ,, هكذا تشعر عندما تجلس معه أو تقرأ له أو تسمعه في مقابلة تلفزيونية ما .

لم يعد الدكتور ناصيف ذلك الطفل الذيكانه ، يمشيفي طرقات الجية واحيائها ، ولكنه بقس يحب شاطئها ، لا بل يعشقه . اليوم يغالبالدكتور ناصيف رغبة جارفة في التفرغ لمشاريعه الفكرية والادبية ولما يزل ، المشاريع تزدحم في رأسه ويزدحم بها وقته حتى ضاق وكاد يختنق ،منذ نعومة أظفاره وهو يمارس مهنة الثقافة الممزوجة في دمه الى ان صار استاذاً جامعياً مع مع كتب أصدرها ومنها " سفر العودة " ومسيرة صحافية غنية بالنضال ، بالتعب والعمل الاسود في الثقافة الوطنية ليحقق حلماً لطالما راوده .. لبنان الدولة ، لبنان العدالة والمساواة بين جميع أبنائه .

هل سيرتاح الدكتور ناصيف قبل تحقيق حلمه هذا ؟ لا يعتقدن أحد ذلك .. حتى ناصيف نفسه .
وإذا اردنا ان نسترسل في الكلام عن عالم هذا الدكتور الشاب الواسع والمتعدد ، فثمة حيرة تأتي من الغنى والتنوع اللذين يتميز بهما تراثه ، فهو بالاضافة الى كونه أستاذاً جامعياً للفلسفة العربية ، هو مفكر ، أديب ، له كما شبق وذكرنا عدة مرلفات ، عالماً بأمور كثيرة لا سيما تراثه الثقافي والادبي وقبل هذا كله هو مناضل عنيد .وإذا تعمقنا أكثر نجد كم كان الدتور ناصيف عميق الحضور في حياتنا الثقافية والسياسية اللبنانية .. فذاً في ابداعه الادبي والفكري .. صادقاً في ممارساته الثورية .
انخرط في العمل الوطني عندما كالباً في الجامعة اللبنانية في اطار ما كان يسمى وقتها " حركة الوعي " وفي العمل الوطني عام 1976 .

اليوم يطرح في كتاباته هموماً وهواجس ، هي هموم وهواجس سياسية وفكرية وانسانية .. اليوم هو الباحث عن الحرية والاستقلال والهوية القومية لبلاده .. اليوم هو الحامل بشغف طموح الانتماء الى العصر .. القديم فيه الذييتجدد ، بتناقضاته ، المتجسد بالرأسمالية في كورها الامبريالي ، والجديد فيه الذي كان يتوطد بصعوباته المتجسد بالعلمانية ، فمثلما كان اميناً لمطامح جيله وأشواقه وتطلعاته وأحلامه في منتصف السبعينات ، هو أميناً لجيل اليوم الذييناضل من اجل مستقبل أفضل له .
الدكتور ناصيف قزي ابن الجرح النازف في الجبل كما يحب ان يسميه ، هو ينتمي الى لبنان المنفتح على العالم ، لبنان الدولة العلمانية التي تلبي طموحات المواطنين اللبنانيين كل اللبنانيين دون تفرقة .
ليس النقد الادبي عند الدكتور ناصيف الا لحظة من لحظات التنوير الشامل أو لحظة فيسياسة رفضواحتجاج وتحريض .. يستظهر هذا دون عناءكبير في عناوين مقالاته .. وكي لا نسير طويلاً في درب اشكالية واضحة الابواب والاسوار ، نشير الى بعض عناوين المقالات التي كتبها ونشرت في الصحف وبثّت في الاذاعات كما على الانترنت ...

الدكتور ناصيف قزي ترك انعكاساً ايجابياً لدى ابناءضيعته حيث تأثر بهم وتأثروا به . فكم من مرة سمعت يعض الامهات ينهرن أبنائهن بالقول : " لماذا لا تكون كثل ابن حنا ناصيف الله يخلي لإمو".

جورج أبو جمر قزي

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:53 pm
by Abou Jamra
قبل ما يفتح بيتو لأهالي الجية فتح قلبو

That's one. I will post of a full list of Dr Nasifs contribution to the community later on.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:15 am
by danyhr
I think you, AJ, are quite a good writer, first of all. Secondly, I agree that Dr. Nassif is a commendable fellow, for he contributes a lot of respect into our community.

Personally, i think it's great that you and many like you, look up to Nassif and look to him for guidance.

Just consider this analogy: For the sake of finding common ground, i shall use our families (in the general sense). We all love and respect our parents and put nobody above our family members, we show them unconditional love, support and loyalty. Yet still, everyone has criticisms of these very people; we don't as individuals agree with every single word uttered or every single action made by our mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters. Yet we remain loving and loyal. We are still a part of that family. My point is, to relate it to the HOT topics flying around Lebanon and Jieh (apart from who's seeing who), it shouldn't matter which party or person one is affiliated with, but being loyal doesn't mean to live off every word the leader says, but being able to recognise your own beliefs within the party's framework and constantly measuring if you still fit in, and adjusting yourself accordingly. Then, if you still support them, with all your criticisms, then stay loyal. If not, stand by your own person.

This is not to say I am for or against Dr. Nassif. I am in no way able to even discredit him for anything. His well learned and has also always been a respectful person to my family and I hold him in high regard. But it's not a personal thing. In relation to supporting him on every issue, I wasn't asked.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 9:00 am
by Abou Jamra
thank you for your honest opinion dany.