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lineup of lebanon's new cabinet

PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 10:42 pm
by jieh2008
Profile: Lebanon's new 30-member government
Published: July 11, 2008, 19:19
The following is the line-up of Lebanon's new 30-member government of national unity announced on Friday:

- Prime Minister: Fouad Siniora (Sunni, unchanged from July 2005 lineup)moustaqbal

- Deputy Prime Minister: Issam Abu Jamra (Greek Orthodox, new)tayyar

- Defence Minister: Elias Murr (Greek Orthodox, unchanged) president

- Foreign Minister: Fawzi Salukh (Shiite, returns to post resigned in 2006) amal

- Interior Minister: Ziad Baroud (Maronite, new) president

- Finance Minister: Mohammed Shatah (Sunni, new) moustaqbal

- Administrative Development Minister: Ibrahim Shamseddin (Shiite, new) independent/loyalist

- Telecommunications Minister: Gibran Bassil (Maronite, new) tayyar

- Information Minister: Tareq Mitri (Greek Orthodox, change of post) independent/loyalist

- Justice Minister: Ibrahim Najjar (Greek Orthodox, new) LF/KATAEB

- Public Works and Transport Minister: Ghazi Aridi (Druze, change of post) junblat

- Sports and Youth Minister: Talal Erslan (Druze, new) democrat/opposition

- Education Minister: Bahia Hariri (Sunni, new) moustaqbal

- Displaced Persons Minister: Raymond Audi (Greek catholic, new)independent/loyalist/Hariri

- Energy and Water Minister: Alan Taburian (Armenian, new)tayyar

- Labour Minister: Mohammed Fneish (Shiite, returns, change of post) HA

- Agriculture Minister: Elie Skaff (Greek Catholic, new)tayyar

- Health Minister: Mohammad Khalifeh (Shiite, returns to post) amal

- Social Affairs Minister: Mario Aoun (Maronite, new) tayyar

- Industry Minister: Ghazi Zaayter (Shiite, new) amal

- Tourism Minister: Elie Maruni (Maronite, new) kataeb

- Culture Minister: Tammam Slam (Sunni, new)independent

- Environment Minister: Antoine Karam (Maronite, new) LF

- Economy and Trade Minister: Mohammed Safadi (Sunni, change of post) loyalist/tripoli

- State Minister: Yusuf Taqla (Greek Catholic, new) president

- State Minister: Wael Bou Faour (Druze, new) junblat

- State Minister: Ali Qanso (Shiite, new) aoumieh

- State Minister: Nassib Lahoud (Maronite, new)kournet shehwan

- State Minister: Jean Ogassapian (Armenian, change of post) moustaqbal

- State Minister: Khaled Qabbani (Sunni, change of post) moustaqbal

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 6:24 am
by haroun
Thanks 2k8 - Do you think this is much better than what we had?

The Good:
Fouad Siniora, Mohammed Shatah, Tareq Mitri, Ibrahim Najjar, Ghazi Aridi, Bahia Hariri, Elie Maruni, Antoine Karam, Mohammed Safadi, Wael Bou Faour, Tammam Slam, Nassib Lahoud, Jean Ogassapian, Khaled Qabbani, Raymond Audi, Ibrahim Shamseddin, Mohammad Khalifeh.

The Bad:
Elias Murr, Ziad Baroud, Yusuf Taqla.

The Ugly:
Fawzi Salukh, Alan Taburian, Mohammed Fneish, Talal Erslan.

The Joke:
Gibran Bassil, Mario Aoun, Issam Abu Jamra.

The Doomed, only in Lebanon people like these become ministers:
Ali Qansoh, Ghazi Zaayter, Elie Skaff.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 4:21 pm
by Abou Jamra
haroun wrote:Do you think this is much better than what we had?


Yes. Because the coastal chouf Christians (Jieh, Damour, Remayle etc...) feel better represented now that Dr mario aoun is a minister. For those who dont know Dr Mario Aoun got the Majority of the christian vote in the 2005 elections. Boustani and Edwan came to power with the druze vote.

Fe3lan al general rad al 7ak la as7abo. Raja3 al sherake lal watan.

Expect fundamental changes at schools folks. the wahabis are taking over. how on earth did they let bahia harriri take over education?