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Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:17 am
by azzigf
I would like to congratulate everyone for the delightful decorations in front of our never-finished cathedral. Special thanks to the church committee of forty to fifty something youth for keeping the blood flowing through the veins of an ageing community. Gosh one would be hard pressed to find and un-withered face amongst those attendees of NYE party.( Can they still boogy?) Nevertheless it's life in its primitive form and Andre's make-up in the party provided a shining light on the life of our expats in Jieh. And to have it all paid for by the moustakbal party is icing on the cake. Let's hope the Aounistas did not sound ungrateful and resigned to the fact that when the devil collects its dues it's time to pay up. Maybe they should next year ask their benefactor Hizboullah to donate something even if it's just few shepherds and a couple of cows to blow warm air on baby Jesus.

I Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of our ageing community and pray to the lord that before my time is up and I am moved on a gold charriot to the outer cosmos that I may have the chance to have confession inside the church, surrounded by marbles and crystals (preferrably donated by the moustakal party in its continuous effort to preseve the extinct species of christians in the shouf area.