Jieh Houses and architecture

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Jieh Houses and architecture

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Is it just me or is there only one architect in the jieh who designs all the houses.

Just looking at the new photos of the Jieh and all the houses are very very similiar.

They all seem to come from the same template. You just choose how many levels you want.

Maybe Jiehns dont wanna go all extravagant on houses simply because almost all of them wont be living in them for 9 months of the year?

While i was in Lebanon i saw some lebanese architecture at its best. There one area which i cant remember the name, the houses were simple magnigicent.

Jieh had the potential to be another "Greek Islands" where all houses were white with Blue Roofs.

We need urban planners in the jieh. The cucumber green houses look awful but then again thats what keeps the jieh people going.
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