Classic Lebanese Trump Cards & Scapegoats.

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Classic Lebanese Trump Cards & Scapegoats.

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1. That's just unconstitutional (with no reference to the article of the constitution that it supposedly breaks).

2. That's merely just your religious sect's idea.

3. It's been taken out of context..... out of context.

4. You have misunderstood me.

5. Your argument is baseless.

6. Your side is conspiring against us and the world.

7. Your side is evil because.....

8. You have been brainwashed by the propaganda of ((insert party affiliation here))

9. I vote for Party B because I hate Party A, or I can (believe I can) prove why Party A is (supposedly) conspiring against me, and not because I really believe Party B is any better. That would be the story of my whole life, negative voting and scapegoating, then glorifying in pompous talk to justify my change in positions.
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