Lahood was, is and will always be a disgrace -

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Lahood was, is and will always be a disgrace -

Post by haroun »

The latest from the idiot Lahoos, he acts like someone gives a damn about him.

:لحود تفقد معتقل الخيام وزار ثكنة مرجعيون بذكرى التحرير
كل من يطلب نزع سلاح المقاومة هو متآمر على لبنان

What liberation is he celebrating? liberating the south from its people? All his statements have a single purpose: buy Aoun and HA terrorists support to extend his illegal occupation of Baabda Palace. What a shame!

Doesn't he look great behind bars?

شمعون: حرام أن يعير احد عون أهمية لأن دواءه ليس عندنا بل في العصفورية
الجوزو: لقد سقط لبنان وسقطت حكوماته، بفضل إرهاب حزب الله
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