AJYC Meeting 07/09/06 @ 19:30

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AJYC Meeting 07/09/06 @ 19:30

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As you may have heard, there is a new initiative as part of the Australian Jieh Community Club (AJCC) of revitalising the youth committee, the Australian Jieh Youth Committee (AJYC).

The aim of this new initiative is to bring together the growing number of Jieh youth living in Australia and provide the opportunity to come together on a regular basis.

The intention of this initiative:
To put forward your ideas about creating opportunities to involve the Jieh youth e.g.: BBQ and sport days, pizza and movie nights, etc.
To bring together the youth in a comfortable and carefree environment.
…Other ideas will be brought up on the night.

Our database continues to grow; however we need your continued support. Would you kindly forward this email to all who you may think would be interested in attending this meeting. Furthermore, if you have received this email from a friend and wish to be added to our email list, please reply to ajyc@hotmail.com .

To kick start this initiative we are holding a meeting at the

AJCC hall at Belfield on Thursday the 7th of September 2006 at 7:30pm.

NB. During this meeting, we will discuss the availability of a group of people interested in helping organising such events.


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