arabic font: right to left

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saliby mashtoub
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arabic font: right to left

Post by saliby mashtoub »

dear all is there any solution to fix the position of the font whenever we write any topic in arabic.

thnk you
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Prince Cadmus II
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Post by Prince Cadmus II »

This kind of formatting needs the bbCode tag [right] أكتب في العربية[/right] .

In HTML it is <p dir="RTL"> </p> , or <html dir="RTL"> </html>.

This has not been enabled yet. Admin could you enable it?

A few other tags worth enabling are:

[center]Text[/center] - Center-aligns the specified text

[right]Text[/right] - Right-aligns the specified text (default formatting for right-to-left languages such as Arabic)

[hr] - inserts a horizontal rule (like this one only wider) ---

[flash]url_to_movie.swf[/flash] - displays a URL to the flash movie or embeds the movie depending on forum settings (by default, the option to embed flash is disabled)

[sup]Text[/sup] - <sup>Superscript</sup>

[sub]Text[/sub] - <sub>Subscript</sub>

[tt]Text[/tt] (monospaced text) - ''Text''
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